Monday, September 27

More Halloween Party Inspiration

Have to do a Halloween post at least once a week until Halloween! So much exciting stuff!

So many fantastic elements! Vinyl letters (BOO!), bunting, scary cheesecloth covering and lots of spooky treats! Awesome styling! Source found via gordongossip

Why not do a clever tablecloth banner? This would work for any occasion! Wire used to hang each letter - you could also use ribbon or clothespins or safety pins, etc to not damage your table cloth, as well.  Source forgotten :o( 

Why not add some Halloween tags to your treats?!? These free ones from Good Gravy are just perfect! Source and download

Add whimsy to your buffet with these simple blocks of wood turned into Halloween fun! Source

These pipe cleaner spider cupcake holders would look so cute filling up your dessert table! Simply glue on black pipe cleaner to a slice of black craft paper.  Source