Monday, September 6

More Halloween Party Ideas/Inspiration!

The cool weather from my vacation REALLY has me thinking of fall now!!! Here are a few more Halloween ideas!

This is by far my fav Halloween tablescape so far! So my style with the natural elements! Click on pic to see all the great details like the broom bags! Remember to vary the heights of your dessert table items like they did to make a fantastic display! (source no longer online)

These potion bottles would make great decorations! Source and tutorial

Creepy eyeballs and mice would be perfect choices to add to your Halloween buffet! These would be fun to box as favors too! Source and recipe/tutorial

How cute are these?!? I love the googly eyes on the spider! Another fun thing they did is use scrap paper to do just the first letter - great tip! (source no longer online)

SUCH an amazing idea! These cookies have a clear isomalt center! If you don't want to mess with isolmalt, just crush up some clear hard candy and put it in the center and melt in oven! Source and tutorial