Monday, December 12

Christmas/Holiday ideas/inspiration: Christmas Trees!

We bought the cutest 2 foot live tree for our table this weekend! Hope you all are surviving the holiday season for whatever your beliefs - the traffic and crazy shoppers affect us all!!!

Here are some tree ideas...

MY kind of tree! Wine corks glued together - count me in! I'll start finishing off bottles ;o)  (you can cheat and get corks at the craft store too) Source and tutorial

Use chocolate drizzled strawberries and a foam tree form to create a (mostly!) healthy tree centerpiece! Source and tutorial
Super cute dipped high-hat cupcakes that are transformed into christmas trees! Perfect for any events! Source and tutorial

Cake pops taken to the next level! Double-sided!!! Think of the possibilities people! (can you tell I am excited? heehee) YUM! Source and tutorial