Wednesday, December 7

Glitter Nutcracker Tutorial

Wanted to share a tutorial I guest posted last holiday season... hope you enjoy!

 Glitter Nutcracker Guys

Hideous Dollar Store Nutcracker guys
Spray Adhesive
Paper (anything large will do)
Wine (optional, but recommended)

Step 1:  Rip hair off of ugly nutcracker guy - recommended to do in private as to not scare the children

Step 2: Place in a box in a well ventilated area (a little stinky) and spray well with adhesive - leave weapons in place

Step 3:  Immediately come in from the cold garage holding him by as little touching as possible, stand him up and start shaking glitter.  Keep repeating steps 2 and 3 until fully covered - make sure to pour while he is right side up and upside down to help coat all spaces.

special note - crease your paper before doing the glitter, this will help when you pour the glitter back into the jar

extra special note - you WILL get glitter everywhere no matter how hard you try - I find wet paper towels to be the best cleanup and nail polish remover to help with any adhesive on your hands...and then assure everyone that sees glitter in your hair the next day that you have NOT been dancing on a pole all weekend ;o)  

Step 4:  You can add a clear final coat - but I found that it dulled the glitter shine a bit... so I just say stop here and enjoy! Simple and VERY inexpensive!