Wednesday, April 4

Moroccan/Bollywood Party Ideas/Inspiration

Thanks to everyone who is sending in such sweet feedback on the emag! I am so glad you liked it! If you haven't peeped it yet - hurry up! heehee Here's another sneak peek if you haven't read it yet! Birdhouse from Rustic Baby Bird Baby Shower!  Magazine link:  HERE on to more party inspiration! Moroccan/Bollywood themes can be so much fun - so much color, textures, prints - just a party for the eyes!

With this theme - go crazy with the colors! You can set up fun floor gathering areas with colorful throw pillows and rugs! Don't spend a lot - just grab the pillows around the house, wrap & tie fabric on for temporary use! Source

Set up table areas with lots of textured prints, bold colors and flowers to create inviting places to eat! Source

Invites or placecards can feature iconic elephants, bright colors and jewels! Figure a way to incorporate these elements throughout the space - remember, plastic elephants CAN be spray painted and bedazzled! ;o)  Source

Henna is definitely associated with this theme! If you can't hire an artist... make some "henna" hand cookies! You could also make this an art project if you include the little ones! Source and tutorial

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