Tuesday, May 8

Party Drink Ideas/Inspiration: Fruit!

Finally home from the hairdressers! Have you ever waited so long you are shocked how good you look just with a trim!? lol! As the warmer weather comes around we all start thinking about and eating more fruit!

Here are some ideas to incorporate fruit into your party drinks!

Simple way is to cut up some colorful fruit and place in ice water!  Not only beautiful, but delicious! Source

If you don't want to put the fruit in the water... set up a cute water/fruit station! Great way to allow your guests to make their own blends - we'll even let cucumber in, even though it's not a fruit ;o)  ...that and ginger are my fav things to put in water! Source

Another beautiful way is to freeze pieces of fruit in ice cube trays! (also try edible flowers too!) Source unknown :o(

My favorite way to have fruit in a drink... sangria!! Isn't this a cute way to server it up?! Mason jars, metal container and a rustic sign - definitely my style! Source

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