Wednesday, July 18

Medica/Nurse/Doctor Graduation party ideas and inspiration

Today's high was 102! crazy! Hope everyone is staying cool! I tried to do some shopping at lunch but my energy was zapped!'s inspiration is for a Medical related graduation or party ... or stash for Halloween! (Yes, it's time to start planning Fall parties!)

This party has the most adorable items on the table top! From different "pill" bottles to medical accessories!  I also love the red balloon backdrop! Great backdrop for any party! Source

 A skeleton and xrays make the perfect props! just find xrays online (careful, this google task will gross you out!) and print out and hang! A "medical curtain" is the perfect backdrop here! Source

Create a jar full of sugar (cookie) pills for your guests' favor! Add some fun information on the "medical tag" that reflects the guest of honor! Source and tutorial

Fill syringes with jello and create a "blood donation/testing" station! Source and recipe

White chocolate dipped pretzels can be made into thermometers using chocolate and edible markers (here)! Source

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