Wednesday, August 1

Italian Dinner Party Ideas and Inspiration

UGH! Still having computer issues! Sorry guys! I am hopping on my other (little) computer to make sure I don't go too long without some inspiration! On another note, I have SOOO my exciting things happening right now, but you'll have to wait a little while longer before I can share!!!

In the meantime, here is some inspiration for an Italian Dinner party ideas and inspiration...

Use mini cutting board as your invites! Source

With an Italian theme, you can really let all the beautiful ingredients be your decor! Baskets full of fresh veggies and olives can really get the taste buds craving! Tall breadsticks served in cups/vases add depth, height and best of all - yummy treats at arm's length! Source

Send guests home with mini strainers full of Italian cooking ingredients... you could do a larger one as a prize if you are playing any games at the party.  Source

How fun would these "tomato" macrons be?! If you are too nervous to try macrons... why not just make cupcakes, slice and fill with red frosting? Source

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