Thursday, August 23

Outdoor party: Garden Touches

As soon as we got back from Maine, the summer weather came back - ugh! But trying to look on the bright side - still plenty of time for summer themed parties!

 Today's inspiration is how to Frost your party with simple things you have from the garden (especially if you didn't keep up with the watering heehee)

Flowers don't have to take up the table... put them UNDER the glass table! Great way to add color and interest to your buffet.  Source

Planters hold ice perfectly! Use pots as serving bowls! Source

Serve up appetizers on terracotta planter bottoms! Use garden bricks for height and texture and don't forget to decorate with clippings or plants, too! Source

Make a fun, edible favor and package in simple kraft boxes.  Use chalk for names and a simple clipping of on of your bushes or herb plants for a dab of Frosting! Source

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