Wednesday, May 15

Cooking party theme...and 5 more full days!

Baby Elias's Birth day will be in 6 mornings from now! I am getting so nervous and excited! It's hard to not be distracted with everything that needs to be done before he gets here. I am also working up to the day before the c-section, so I still have 3 days of work to go! Thanks to everyone for your well wishes! We'll be sure to keep you posted!

 I hope my little guy will love to bake, for I am not going to give him a choice lol.  I have tons of daydreams about having him in the kitchen with me making sweets! Wonder if he'll want a cooking theme for a party one day?! Here is some older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a cooking theme here (link).

For a cooking party, everyone has to have a chef's hat! These can be made at home and fit in the party budget! Source and tutorial

Everyone also needs an apron! This can be a fun extra activity too...set up a decorating station for the kids to personalize their aprons before the baking fun begins! Source

How fun would these silverware "chandeliers" be in your party space?! Made with wooden silver (buy here: link) and needlepoint rings! Source

 How fun would these paper ovens be to send home one of the cupcakes the kids made?! Super cute! p.s. these would be great as a "bun in the oven" idea for a baby shower! Source and file

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