Wednesday, June 5

Ideas to Frost your Father's Day!

This will no doubt be a special Father's Day for us, even though it's not the first time my husband has become a dad, but it's been 11 years since his son (previous marriage) was born, so it feels all new again to him, I am sure!

...whether you do a little or a lot for the Fathers in your life, here are a few ideas to help inspire you!

Throw a dad themed breakfast (if you are my husband, this will start after noon lol).  Incorporate his favorite things or hobbies as decoration, a little will go a long way - don't over complicate it - you know our men don't realize how long it takes to craft anyway! Source

 If the traditional tie theme works for your man, why not line the edge of your table with them - looks so cool! Also love the newspaper touch for the presents! Source unknown :o(

You could also do up a fun chili station (or any station for that matter that works for his taste) for dinner using masculine serving containers like cans with the labels removed and coordinating stainless steal items.  Source

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