Tuesday, July 23

Dinner as party appetizers!

Hope you guys are having better weather than we are! It's been so hot and humid, no family walks for us! I did take my first long grip out with the baby today - over 5 hours! Drove up to my work (hr commute) to introduce him to everyone. He did so great though we are still struggling a bit with a routine (which definitely is still affecting my blog posting ;o)

Today's post is to inspire you to re-interpret dinner favorites into party appetizers! There are so many traditional ones, but here are some ideas to help you think outside the box!

I saw these on Pinterest today which inspired this post! How stinkin' fun are these spaghetti and meatballs on a stick?! you could even serve fun sauce dips with it! Source and recipe 

kabob sticks buy here (link)

Another Italian dinner made appetizer... lasagne roll-ups! Source and recipe

Re-imagine a BLT into an appetizer... stuff the ingredients (sans bread) into a cherry tomato! Source and recipe

What dinner can you think of to turn into an appetizer version?...

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