Thursday, September 12

1st Halloween post of the year!

Ok, I officially waited till almost mid September to break out the Halloween!! Stores might start in July now... but I refuse ;)

Here's some older, but still fresh!, Frosting for your Halloween party here (link).

Create a fun orange and black dessert table... include lots of ghosts, pumpkins and creepy treats! I love how she added the spooky tree! Source

You know those adorable bird houses you can paint from the craft store?...they don't have to just be for Spring! This would even be a great kids activity for your party! Source

Another fun wood painting/decorating idea! Spooky fences!! In miniature form, they would make adorable kitchen counter "edging" for your stations! Source  (buy fences here - link)

Send your guest home with a spooky treat in these cute DIY boxes! Source and tutorial

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