Wednesday, February 5

Winter Party Ideas and Inspiration: Snow

Are you guys in a area that hasn't let up on the freezing temps and snow?! I know I haven't been in my "day job" office for a month now. I go in once a week (work from home otherwise), but due to the snow & ice, I haven't left my town in weeks!

So in honor of my frozen are some ideas to incorporate snow into your party - even if you haven't been in on all the real stuff! lol

Add some winter flair with white "snow covered" branches! You can just do a stroll outside (if you are brave and have mittens!) and pick up some sticks, spray with white spray paint or spray "snow". Source

Decorate tree forms with epson salts, sprinkles, , coconut, nonpareils (like these - link) to create a textural winter wonderland! Source and tutorial

Create fun snowflakes with the bottoms of water/soda bottles! This would also make an excellent winter activity at the party! Source and tutorial

Another activity, or could be used as decorations for your party, would be to use salt dough (recipe example) or clay to make keepsake snowflakes! pic source 

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