Thursday, July 17

Party dessert ideas!

Feels SOO good to be back! I got some really good news today, had lunch with a new friend and really enjoyed this weather! let's celebrate by kicking this party back on with some great summer party dessert ideas!

Who doesn't think of banana splits when you think of summer?! Wouldn't this fun presentation look great on top of a scope of ice cream?!  Source and tutorial  (buy sticks here - link)

How about serving these beautiful bites?!  Meringue "bowls" with an orange or lemon curd (note: I can eat the curd by itself, you don't even need to make me anything to hold it lol!) Source

Who can say no to anything related to s'mores?!  These strawberry "s'mores" would not only be a fan favorite, but they are almost too beautiful to eat! Source and tutorial

Have you ever seen these pineapple flowers? I always swear I am going to make them and always forget about them! Definitely going on my to-do list this summer! Source and tutorial

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