Thursday, September 2

Frosting mix! Random party inspiration

Sometimes I get a back log of frosting that I can't seem to categorize easily  (and those that know me, know this drives me crazy - I need order! lol)... so here is a random frosting mix!

I have seen memory trees, walls, boards, books... but this memory jar with eclectic papers and ribbons would be so beautiful for your guests to write a little something - whether it be for a baby shower, wedding, graduation... or any occasion! Source: Southern Living Magazine  4.2010

I LOVE this idea! He took pictures of all kinds of "30"s and made a collage for his wife's 30th bday! Would make the perfect invite, dessert table backdrop and thank you cards! Source

This made me think of how many things you could come up with to distribute utensils at your next event! And you could help the kids practice their tying too! lol Source

I love how creative the party world has gotten with wreaths! I thought this yarn pompom one was just adorable! Maybe would be good for a knitting them! Source and tutorial

....TOLD you it was a mix! a WEIRD mix lol... hugs!