Friday, September 3

Wine Tasting or Bar Party Ideas!

Whew! past few days have had too many irons in the fire! What better thing for that then a tall glass of wine! Here is some older (but still fresh!) frosting...

And here are a few new ideas...

Wine parties are not just about the wine! it's about great food too! You don't need too many decorations - let the food and wine be center stage! Arrange food so that no same color is touching and use different serving containers - this will give lots of visual interest and let your eye move around the table.  Source

I love this little setup - look closely... fruit used in the hurricane lamps! I love it! Great way to add a little touch without being overboard (and very inexpensive AND you can eat them afterward! lol) Source

How adorable are these customizable trays? Your guests will be wowed AND they are stinking useful! You can even have notes on each one for a particular wine to help people load up the right pairings! (So on my to do list!) Source and tutorial via

How cute are these little favor bags?!? You could fill them with little chocolates (or whatever you like) and just tie off with a cork! Source