Tuesday, November 16

Game night! Party ideas/ inspiration

We LOVE to hold game nights at our house! We aren't big "bar" people, we are just big dorks - give us a board game any night!  Here are a few ways to Frost your next game night!

Decorate your buffet tables with "Trivia Pursuit" inspired chargers! Use anything round, some wide painters tape and va-la! You could even use round cardboard cake boards! Source

Why not create Monopoly inspired wine tags?!? Everyone might fight for the blue properties (highest value, duh!) so be careful! Source

Turn your cheese ball into a cheese die! Just make it square and cut olives in half - so cute! Get even more creative and have two "dice" on the platter! Source

Create scrabble letters - just use cookie dough or square gum or fondant, then just use edible markers to write your letters and points! Source

How fun is this Uno "cake"?!? What a stunning centerpiece this would be! If you don't want a "cake" use the idea to create dessert and appetizer individual trays! Source