Monday, November 15

TURKEYS!!! Thanksgiving ideas/ inspiration

Just bought my first turkey EVER! So scared and excited to try to cook one for the first time next week! fingers crossed!!!

Here are some turkeys that I am sure won't turn out dry!

Ok, I SO had to share this one! Read his little tag... rofl! Source

Super cute turkey cupcake wrapper! I am resisting the urge to add glitter! You could even use feathers instead of the paper - either way, SUPER cute! Source found via cupcakestakethecake blog

Felt turkey lollipops! Quick project anyone can do! Source and tutorial (slide #4)
Think I might try my hand at these for our Thanksgiving fundraiser - how stinking cute?!? And hello?!? Oreos - I am SO in! Source and tutorial

Turkey cake pops - so cute I don't know if I could eat these guys! well, if it were chocolate cake, it's all over! Source and tutorial

Tell me he isn't making you laugh!?!? I am not sure what the two things on the sides are (wings?), but I love this coconut macaroon with chocolate feathers! super silly fun! Source