Thursday, December 29

Happy (almost!) New Year!

Hope you all have been having a great holiday season! We just got back from a quick trip to Outer banks, NC! So relaxing!

Here are a few quick, fantastic New Year's ideas if you are still putting things together for the weekend! confession... we totally go to bed usually before midnight lol - total losers, huh?! lol

How genius are these ice cream cone "party blowers"?!?   I say fill with candy and wrap in plastic for a fun, edible favor! Source and tutorial

Use a dollar store platter, add some "hands" of a clock and cupcakes for a great count down! Source

Use paper wheels to create fun hanging clocks! Cut out numbers and punch holes to create a fun centerpiece! Source and downloadable file


Saturday, December 24

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Holiday! 
Gonna take a few days to enjoy company... see you before the new year! Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 22

More Holiday Prep!

One more work day for me and I get a few days to enjoy the time of year! WOOT! Here's wishing for an early let out tomorrow ;o)

Rock candy trees! How fun are these?! And if you do in these snowy colors, you can justify leaving them out until Spring ;o)  Source and tutorial

"Glue" or tie candy canes together to make buffet cards or for a whimsical picture holder.  Source

Dress up your cakepops into reindeer! Source clever! Melted candies into a serving platter! Think of the possibilities!!!  Source and tutorial


Tuesday, December 20

Happy Hanukkah!

To all my friends celebrating the first day of Hanukkah - hope you have a great Hanukkah celebration!

Pencils and spools make a fun Menorah craft! Source and tutorial

These are the most adorable dreidels (though I am partial to nature things ;o)  Acorn tops and modeling clay! Source and tutorial

Super easy 8 nights of lights cupcakes! Source and tutorial

Yummy simple marshmallow dreidels! Source and tutorial


Monday, December 19

More Holiday Prep!

I don't know about you guys, but whew I am tired! Weekend flew by with holiday prep, baking and hosting friends!

Here are a few more ideas that might help you prepare for the holidays...

Use fresh herbs (or moss, tinsel, glitter, etc), craft letters and staple on some ribbon to create a fun way to fill wall space! Source

Add festive touches like ribbon, greens and pine cones to backs of chairs, railings and tables! Source

Turn leftover wine, beer and soda bottles into snowy centerpieces! Source and tutorial

For an inexpensive favor (and a great splash of color!) Tie together peppermint sticks with satin ribbon! Source


Friday, December 16

Christmas/Winter: Special touches

Hope everyone's holiday prep is going well! We are still getting our acts together! We have a few days, right?!

Here are a few special touches that might help inspire you for the holidays

How delicious is this biscotti wreath look?! YUM! Source unknown :o(

Serve up a twist on gingerbread... make cookies, then before all the way cooled, use a pastry cutter (here) or a butter knife to cut into strips! or as she did, just use your gingerbread house leftovers! Super fun! Source

For your cocoa bar, add a little felt, twine and cinnamon sticks Frost your mugs! Source

How simple are these?! Use craft wire (here) and a foam tree form (dollar store baby!) to create these modern trees! Source and tutorial


Wednesday, December 14

Christmas/Winter: Special touches

We are getting ready to string cranberries and popcorn! WOOT! Going old school people!!!

Here are some ways to add a little Frosting to your Christmas/Winter event...

Decorate up your candles with some water, fresh herbs and cranberries! Source

Use the same items and freeze create beautiful ways to keep drinks and food cold! Think of the possibilities! Source and tutorial

You know how I love moss! Use a wreath form and cover then wrap with cranberries! LOVE this look! I bet it would look great with herbs as well! Source and tutorial

You can never go wrong with serving olives and cheese... but kick it up a notch by serving on a "wreath" of rosemary! Source

Edge any serving piece with herbs (or cranberries, or colored sugar etc) to add a festive touch! Source


Monday, December 12

Christmas/Holiday ideas/inspiration: Christmas Trees!

We bought the cutest 2 foot live tree for our table this weekend! Hope you all are surviving the holiday season for whatever your beliefs - the traffic and crazy shoppers affect us all!!!

Here are some tree ideas...

MY kind of tree! Wine corks glued together - count me in! I'll start finishing off bottles ;o)  (you can cheat and get corks at the craft store too) Source and tutorial

Use chocolate drizzled strawberries and a foam tree form to create a (mostly!) healthy tree centerpiece! Source and tutorial
Super cute dipped high-hat cupcakes that are transformed into christmas trees! Perfect for any events! Source and tutorial

Cake pops taken to the next level! Double-sided!!! Think of the possibilities people! (can you tell I am excited? heehee) YUM! Source and tutorial


Saturday, December 10

Shopping Saturday!

We just got home from a great roadtrip into Maryland for the day! We got a few of our holiday shopping items crossed off and settling in to a good cup of coffee and some internet time! Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far!

Here are some of the things I peeped today at local stores(but National chains) today that might help you stash for a future event...

Having a Polar Bear Express or Train themed party? This box of animal cookies would be a great centerpiece!

Found: Burlington Coat Factory
Section: Housewares
Price: $4.99

For a House Painting or Art themed party pick up these adorable paint sticks that are plastic, food safe spatula like material.  Use for favors or in the buffet!

Found: Sur-la-table
Section: Housewares
Price: $6.99

Tons of Hello Kitty items for your Hello Kitty themed party...

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: $1 bins
Price: $1

For those cookie making or Chef themed parties, pick up these chef hat/apron sets!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Near $1 bins
Price: $3.00

Great items right next to the aprons for your Robot themed party!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Near $1 bins
Price: $3.00

Cute new line of Girl Scouts items! This craft kit would be perfect for activities at your Camping themed party...

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Center aisle
Price: $4.99

Always stacking up my book collection! this one is adorable!

Found: (here)
Section: Cake decorating
Price: $12.99


Friday, December 9

Tangled party ideas/inspiration

TGIF!!! I am so glad it's time to relax! My "day" job has definitely taken away from a lot of down time in the evenings this week - ew! Hope you all have great plans for the weekend!

Here are some ideas/inspiration for a Tangled movie themed party...

How cute is this invite?! Perfect for the occasion! Source

 Use yarn to create the perfect hair centerpiece! Source

Do a pin the frying pan game! Source

Cute dessert setup idea... Love the donut tower! Source