Thursday, January 23

Happy National Pie Day! Add a pie to your party!

Eclairs might be the new "cupcake"...but there's always room for pie! heehee In celebration of National Pie day today, here is some inspiration...

Nervous about pulling off a whole pie? Let's look at ways to ease you in ;o)

Serve the pie in "pieces"! Pie crust as "dippers" and the filling in a bowl... Source and recipe

Cut pie pieces and add a dollop of filling and whipped cream for an easy, pretty serving option! Source and recipe

Not all pies have to be sweet! Make these mini Shepherd's Pie! Mini cupcake tins and pre-made pie dough can give you the perfect start! Source and recipe

Still nervous? Pick up some pre-boxed pies and use a bit of washi tape & a wooden spoon or fork to "Frost" it up a bit! Source (buy spoons here - link)

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