Thursday, September 30

Angel Themed Baby Shower/Christening ideas/inspiration

We are looking out the window waiting to see animals marching two by two up the ark! Are you guys getting drowned by this rain too?!?

Here are some ways to Frost an angel theme baby shower or christening!

Start with a beautiful angel wing invite! I love the extra Frosted touch of feathers! Source

Use LOTS of feathers! Do a colored feather if you know the gender of the baby.  Feather centerpieces AND feather placemats AND a feather on each placecard?!? swoon! Source found via http://pisforparty.

Use triangle boxes with angel wings, add the baby's initial and you have a fantastic favor! Source

A feather wishy ball! How beautiful would these be around the party?!? Source

Ok, not quite right... but you get the idea! if you added feathers to the top of the banner and kept the scalloped edges - it would be perfect! (oh first comes marriage then comes the baby carriage, right?!?) Source

Tuesday, September 28

Race Car party ideas/inspiration!

One of my favorite childhood memories with my brother is when he would allow me to come in his room and play with his race cars! Why are they just for boys?!? total crap! lol...

Don't forget about older (but still fresh!) frosting tips for race car theme, too!

How bright and fun is this setup?!? I love the red and white instead of black and white! and how simply adorable is that cake?!? Source

A little older take - hubcaps as a backdrop - awesome! You could pull this one off well into their teens! Also, don't forget to steal the idea of layering fabrics on the table setup - perfect! Source

Don't be afraid to use car things (unused!!!) - put them in the dishwasher and they are just like any other plastic or metal (unused!!!) item! Make it fun like this ridiculously clever drink station! Source

If the kids are young enough, have them bring their race cars, bikes, etc and set up a race then end with a car wash! How fun! Source and tutorial

Another fun idea is this racetrack tape! you could set this up all over the party! Source found via pedicurestopuddles.

And how about this adorable race car cake?!? The clouds are tugging at my heart strings! I love it! Source

Monday, September 27

More Halloween Party Inspiration

Have to do a Halloween post at least once a week until Halloween! So much exciting stuff!

So many fantastic elements! Vinyl letters (BOO!), bunting, scary cheesecloth covering and lots of spooky treats! Awesome styling! Source found via gordongossip

Why not do a clever tablecloth banner? This would work for any occasion! Wire used to hang each letter - you could also use ribbon or clothespins or safety pins, etc to not damage your table cloth, as well.  Source forgotten :o( 

Why not add some Halloween tags to your treats?!? These free ones from Good Gravy are just perfect! Source and download

Add whimsy to your buffet with these simple blocks of wood turned into Halloween fun! Source

These pipe cleaner spider cupcake holders would look so cute filling up your dessert table! Simply glue on black pipe cleaner to a slice of black craft paper.  Source

Saturday, September 25

Shopping Saturday!

Here are this week's local finds to help inspire you to pick up some Frosting for your next event!

Have a Super Mario party soon? Pick up these little guys! Set them up on your food buffet and your son can have them to play with after the party!

Found: Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Section: Games
Price: $8.95 each

Use these pumpkin pieces to top a cake for your Spiderman or Cookie Monster theme party!

Section: Halloween
Price: $6.00

LOVE bins! They work for food, utensils, napkins, etc. Pick up these red metal bins before they are gone!

Found: Target
Section: Dollar bin area
Price: $2.50

Animal print items - labels, favors, tissues, pencils, etc.  Use for your zoo or safari theme party!

Found: Michael's Craft Store
Section: Dollar bins
Price: $1.00

These rustic wagons would be so perfect to stuff for favors or use on the buffet for a pumpkin or apple picking party or any rustic theme!

Found: Michael's Craft Store
Section: Specialty/Seasonal
Price: $9.99

Look for ways to use Halloween elsewhere - eye balls - put in a jar with clear jello for a Mad Scientist party!

Found: Michael's Craft Store
Section: Halloween
Price: $2.99 (I think heehee)

Another Halloween item to tuck away for later... bloody hand prints for your CSI themed party!

Found: Micheal's Craft Store
Section: Halloween 
Price: (unmarked)

Friday, September 24

Rainbow party ideas/inspiration

Infusing color into any party is fun - and taking it all the way to rainbow is extra fun! (here is some older, but still fresh frosting for rainbows too!)

Adorable table setup for "good night moon" but I thought minus the cake - you have a great inspiration for a rainbow theme! What great use of color! The streamer background is such an inexpensive option and looks great! Doing a muted background really lets the color on the table shine! Source found via savethedateforcupcakes blog

Why not add a little ribbon and contrasting straw to each drink? You could even add a third color by rimming the glasses with sugar! yum! Source

Have you seen this one?  What a way to fill space! Rainbow paper used as hanging streamers - super fun! Source

Curly ribbon wreaths ROCK! Go wild with the colors! What a great way to welcome your guests too! Source found via everydaycelebrating blog

Who doesn't love a dipped oreo?!? So why not dip them in different colors and va-la! Instant rainbow of chocolate cookie heaven! Source

...and finally, add a little something to your rainbow on the inside cake by adding colored twizzlers to the outside! Slice a small little piece to create "flowers"... so clever! Source

Thursday, September 23

Frog party ideas/inspiration!

A great gender neutral theme - Frogs! We have a large pond in our backyard and we have tons of different kinds of frogs! My stepson and fiance's fav thing to do is go out at night with flashlights and go "frog hunting" to see if they can find a new kind - it's so cute!

Super cute frog setup! Lots of great elements to learn from for any party! - Fabric as a backdrop, great poms!, Book as inspiration & center stage and fun contrasting colors! Source

Find cute ways to incorporate your frogs! A little one added to each party hat looks so adorable! And play with color! Source

These crack me up! Frog party blowers!!! Easy to make and fun for the kids! I can just see pics of the kids with these in their mouths lol! Source

You HAVE to have gummy frogs! totally not a party thought - but I am so fond of these because our german teacher used to give us these as special prizes ;o)

how about this little guy on a lily pad!?! Frog sherbet! Source and tutorial

If you aren't smiling, there is something wrong with you! lol... this cake totally puts a grin on my face!!! Perfect cake for this party! Source

Wednesday, September 22

Construction party ideas/inspiration

What little boy doesn't love digging and playing with tools?!? ... well, maybe girls too ;o) I have a tool shop that would make most men jealous ;o)

Here are some ideas to add some frosting to your construction theme party!

This tabletop is so cute! "dirt" and chocolate cupcakes are the perfect addition to all the construction vehicles! I like the tools on the banner too! Source

Set up dig stations! How fun would that be! Messy... so take it outside or put down a shower curtain to help with spills! Source
Make little lunch boxes for each kid! this would be the perfect way to serve lunch for the kids at the party - you could even include stickers to let them decorate them! Source

Toolboxes out of altoid tins! So clever and stinking adorable! What a great favor for each kid! Source

Super cute set of cookie inspiration! I think the wood glue is my fav! Source

Tuesday, September 21


Lately a lot of us have been talking about pom poms for decorations and all the different ways you can approach them for your party space... here are a few options!

Traditional tissue paper poms (man do these make me curse heehee!) cute but a bit of work! Source and tutorial

Very soft and pretty fabric poms! Get out your glue guns - brings it's own troubles lol! Source and tutorial

Cupcake liner poms! Think of all the different creations with all the designs out today! Source and tutorial

How about tulle?  Perfect if you want to avoid glue! Source and tutorial

Little bit smaller, but you can bunch them up in clusters! Yarn pom poms! Source and tutorial

Monday, September 20

Frosted Sponsors!

We have had so many new members to our Frosted Family and I just want to say welcome aboard! I also wanted to remind everyone about our fantastic Frosted Sponsors! If you would like to become one, please contact me!

You can find everything from stationary, invites, party favors, decorations and custom cookies! 

Sunday, September 19

Shopping Saturday! (on Sunday ;o)

Whew! I actually got to go shopping today! woohoo! And I refrained from buying anything (gasp!) but here are a few things I thought might be able to help you out in planning your next party!

Never thought I would find this in the Halloween/Fall aisle! Great items to stash away for a garden or wagon theme (are we too late Brittanie?)!

Found: Walmart
Section: Seasonal aisle
Price: $3

Super cute bins - Spiderman & Strawberry Shortcake! Use for favors, hold food, etc.

Found: Target
Section: Dollar bins
Price: $1

Look closely! Chalkboard placecard holders! how fun! Use them over and over again! Extra fun for a school themed party!

Found: Target
Section: Kitchen clearance end cap
Price: $6.98

Martha is kicking butt this Halloween! Had to highlight a great collection treat bags!

Found: JoAnn Fabrics
Section: Seasonal
Price: $5.99 - $6.99

Look how far they are coming with butterfly and fairy wings! OMG! I am taken back! Buy them now for your parties later!

Found: JoAnn Fabrics
Section: Seasonal
Price:vary (but currently 40% off!)

Super cute bumble bee stuff! Even a little bumble bee pancake mold! Use it to mold chocolate, butter, jello - whatever fits your food spread!

Found: JoAnn Fabrics
Section: Seasonal
Price: varies