Friday, December 31

Happy New Year's Eve!

Just want to take a min to reflect... This year has been filled with many fantastic things and many not-so... Party Frosting! and all of you guys have kept my spirits high! I look forward to reading all of your comments (even those that don't have emails to write back to :o( 

Inspired by some of my friends, I wanted to give a special thanks to a few chicas that are my daily email crew...

I am SO happy to have met these wonderful women along the way!  They keep me laughing, motivated and inspired - I love them all! If you haven't checked them out... then get on it! There are so many others of you that I love talking to and inspire me, it would take me pages to write all of you! Many hugs and keep the comments and emails coming!

Lelan @ Good Gravy Designs
Pam @ Party Starters
Sandy @ Sandy's Baking Memories
Staci @ Lizard&Ladybug
Kristy @ The Purple Pug
Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea

Here's to a bigger (but slimmer), better new year!


Thursday, December 30

Penguin Party ideas/inspiration...

I have been saving this one for a friend of mine who's son LOVES penguins!... (don't tell anyone, but my fiance' got me the penguin pillow pet for christmas and I LOVE him and I am not even a stuffed animal kind of gal!)

I am SO in love with this party! So many great colors and LOOK at that table dressing people! I so want this party for myself! Source

The kids might not eat them, but these olive and cream cheese guys are too cute not to make! Source and tutorial

As your activity, have the kids make penguins out of cans! The site is no longer available where I save these from... but I would think you could cover any can in black contact paper, cut white contact paper out for his tummy... beak and feet from orange felt and wings from black felt and glue on googly eyes, tada!

Penguin brown pops would look so adorable on your table... dip first in chocolate, let harden, then lay the front in white chocolate, let harden and then either pipe on faces or use edible markers to draw them! used to be available from Williams & Sonoma

I know a lot of you have seen him... but I had to include this is a little guy I created! Candy corn feet, dipped marshmallow body, sliced open marshmallow belly dipped in clear sprinkles, dipped strawberry gummy for his head, used razor knife to cut ends of tic tacs for eyes, cut end off orange tic tac for nose and dipped a little chocolate to dot the eyes... inspired by a more sophisticated penguin from ourbestbites


Wednesday, December 29

New Year's Eve Ideas/Inspiration!

Ok, we are totally lame - we will be just be vegging on movies, champagne and food between the both of us... but in case you are putting something together - here are a few ideas that hopefully will inspire!

I just found this today and omg, so on my list - maybe for my staff? we'll see how ambitious I am lol... These little "bubble" cookies fill a champagne flute and would make an awesome favor or just filler for your table! Source and tutorial

Why not make the "bubble" cookies above and add a little "frosting" to the glasses with inexpensive tinsel! Source

For a fun favor - how about homemade "renewing hand scrub" - so clever! Source and tutorial & template

I thought these were such a fantastic idea - resolution cookies! If you aren't too steady with the hand piping - why not just use edible markers - you could even do plain ones and have your guests write & share theirs before they eat them ;o)  Source


Tuesday, December 28

Dog birthday party ideas/inspiration!

When we were growing up, me and my little sister shared a room - there was the great divide - cats on my side, dogs on hers! How fun would a dog themed party be for a little boy (or girl) here are some ideas to Frost a dog themed party!

This, I believe, was for a dog, but would be perfect for human food too! I love the fake grass and all the bright colors! Source

Make dog bone shaped placemats from kraft paper and use dog bowls as favor holders! You could use them as bowls on your buffet too.  Source

Get miniature dog houses (from unfinished stuff at the craft store) and let the kids decorate as their activity! You can even set up a station where they can "adopt" a dog plush.  Source

Chocolate paws would be a perfect favor! I love the little paw ribbon and vase, too! Source

Make this a "human" cake by making dog bone cookies... because the pendant banner and bow are too cute to pass up! Source


Monday, December 27

Airplane Party Ideas/Inspiration!

(Finally, a non-seasonal post!)... Airplanes seem to be a trend on the rise (notice the pun? heehee)... Here is some old (but still fresh!) Frosting for Airplanes, too!

 How adorable is this setup?!? I love how she took the theme from the floor to the sky to the clouds! Don't forget to use all your space! Source

Here's another fun setup! The backdrop is too cute! Source

I love this detail! "wish clouds" for the guest of honor! How cute?!? Source

You have to set up a baggage claim area for gift bags! Source

You can't have a airplane experience without peanuts! Simple bag toppers will help you personalize a bag of peanuts! Source


Sunday, December 26

Snowmen for our blizzard!

Snowmen in honor of our blizzard (blech!)

Sweater snowman - totally adorable and no sewing (woohoo) Source and tutorial

How stinking cute are these bread clips?!? Source and tutorial found via ediblecrafts

I featured melted snowman cookie last year, this year she took it up a notch with melted frosty! Source

Have you seen these?!? Super cute and easy! Even easier if you can find the white fudge oreos! Source and tutorial

Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas (Eve)!

It's hours before Santa arrives, so I am gonna curl up with my man, hot chocolate and a movie! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Thank all of you for your luv and support of Party Frosting! You have made this year truly enjoyable! Many hugs!


More Holiday ideas/inspiration! - Reindeer!

Whew! Where did this week go?!? The little one is on his way back to TX this morning :o(   Hope you all are winding down the crazy week and enjoy your weekend!

Here are a few more ideas to Frost your holiday if you have any time left ;o)

Still getting last min cards together?! How about decorating them like this adorable reindeer! So clever! Source and template

Creating little wine tags are perfect way to Frost your hostess gift - If you aren't too crafty, just get a circle hole punch, craft paper and stickers! A great trick, pick up the really thick foam adhesive (tiny) squares - this will help your stickers to stand away from the paper a bit like you see here.  Source

Don't these make you giggle?!? These towel reindeer would be the perfect alternative to wrapping paper for a small gift or even better, homemade soap! Source and tutorial

Adorable reindeer you might be able to pull off last min! Starts with purchased truffles! Source and tutorial


Wednesday, December 22

Charity and tutorial...

Every year we call our local elementary school and ask for them to nominate a teacher for us to be their secret santa - I ask them for a list of things they need for their classroom and we show up with 2-300 worth of goodies... we just believe that instead of buying a ton of people trinkets, why not do something for a teacher?!? ...any way... we always make the class cupcakes - last year we made these penguins... this year, this is what I dreamed up (we always make them non-religious)

Here's a quick tutorial

Candy Cane Sleighs holding cupcakes w/ mittens

Graham crackers
Candy Canes
Cupcakes (we cheated & used box mix shhhh....)
Edible snowflakes (optional)
Mitten sugar cookies (optional)
Royal Icing
Buttercream Icing

To begin:  Unwrap 2 candy canes for each sled - this will help the royal icing with better adhesion, but I am sure wrapped would be ok too... Prepare some royal icing (make sure it's very thick!)

Step 2:  Put royal icing in piping bag with a pretty open tip and add a row of icing to each candy cane (thanks to my man for being the hand model heeehee).  Note: I added to only one candy cane, put graham cracker on then put on the other so they didn't roll...

Step 3: Add graham cracker and let set for a few min.  Make sure your cupcakes are done at this point, as well...

Step 4: After you have your cupcakes ready, put a dab of royal icing on each graham cracker to help hold it in place a bit, then add cupcake.

Step 5: Add icing and edible snowflakes (found at Michael's craft store)

Step 6-9:  Add mitten cookies and a few sprinkles, pack and deliver! (if I had been feeling better, I would have hand painted the mittens, but the 4th graders did seem to care and little douglas had fun doing the sprinkles ;o)


Tuesday, December 21

More Holiday inspiration/ideas for presentation!

I am avoiding starting my bake-a-thon so here's a post to help me get in the spirit of the holiday ;o) Here are some presentation ideas!...

I had a total - duh why didn't I think of that - moment when I saw this tutorial - using a soda bottle to create your drink ice rings - genius! Source 

I have a ton of these sticks left from this weekend's party... so gonna do these dipped marshmallows! Source

Little wreaths on these bottles look adorable! You could use them on plastic cups even to dress them up a bit! Source

Add a simple paper tag cutout and some twine to make your edible gifts look that much more inviting! Source

Wrap up cookie dough and print out the recipe and wrap around for a great gift! Source